I get by with a little help…from this stuff too!

I did forget stuff!

It only took me a week to remember…

It’s probably because I use this stuff so often that I forget that other people don’t necessarily use these things.

First up, how did I make it through my beach vaca, being allergic to the sun and all?

Sunscreen, of course, and a handy dandy long-sleeve bathing suit. I am happy to report that according to E! Entertainment Network and the Today Show, by wearing a “rashguard” at the beach this season, I was truly fashion forward. And you know, not covered in sun blisters. But either way, totally happy.


Next, I’ve got some products. My favorite products, actually, as without them I am often quite cranky. And chapped. You see, part of POTS is an inability to retain water (hey there, automatic bodily function!). I have to eat an unusual amount of salt (see The Heart Attack Diet, June) and drink a TON of water and/or Gatorade.

While that might help my insides not descend into dehydrated awfulness, it doesn’t make the-dare I say it- chronic dryness go away. I have dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry skin, and although I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that, no less than 3 have (optometrist, dentist, dermatologist), just for giggles. So I like my products.

IMG_0552 Next up, are the things that help me sleep better. Yes, I remembered my sound machine in my original post, but I seem to have forgotten:

1)   My bed risers (These only go under the head of the bed. Tilting your bed is somehow supposed to relieve POTS symptoms while you sleep. It’s too much for my brain to explain right now so Google “elevate head of bed POTS” for more info. Ignore the POTted plants google is trying to sell you as its first result.)


2)   My super squishy mattress pad


3)   My wedge pillow (which can either go under my head to help reduce acid reflux, or under my feet to help the blood drain back to my brain. Hooray for multi-purpose household items!)


Not sure how I managed to forget this stuff as I am practically the Princess and the Pea every night trying to get my Fibromyalgia-pained body into a comfortable position. There are also a lot of good old fashioned pillows involved in this endeavor, plus a super soft extra blanket, and a couple of elephants, thrown in for good measure. In case you haven’t caught on yet, I like elephants.


One more thing to add to my old lady list: A nightguard! This little apparatus is so helpful (it’s FDA approved for the treatment of migraines), but somehow feels very um… nerdy? to me. But then I have to remind myself: No one likes to grind their teeth. No one likes migraines caused by facial muscle tension. No one likes Vanity. Get over yourself, and use the nightguard. It really does work!



I know, I know, it’s a good look.

Last on my nightly to do list, after I have properly moisturized and put in my night guard, but before I jump into my fairy-tale bed is to put the gate up. Yes, a baby gate:


Suki really does photobomb EVERYTHING

You have 15 seconds to laugh at me-GO!

Ok, now stop. Let’s remember that I don’t wake up at night to take meds. Let’s remember that I do wake up at night to go to the bathroom (not retaining water is a real pain). My room is across the hallway from the bathroom, and I have to walk past the stairs to get there. Let’s add 1+1 and realize that having a baby gate across the stairwell keeps me from falling down the stairs in the middle of the night. Seeing as how I do this when I am awake (See Starting back at 1, June), it’s a pretty good precaution.

Please feel free to feel bad for laughing now—GO!

…No, no, it’s ok, don’t feel bad.

…No really, feel a little bad 😉

There you have it, more stuff that I use to get through the Chronic day (or night).

Apparently, being Chronic comes with a lot of baggage.

Please feel free to find hidden meaning in that statement.

I have a bunch of fun stuff to talk about next week, namely Superheroes, as I recently realized that, while I note in my About section that one of my unofficial diagnoses is “talks too much about Superheroes,” I have yet to actually talk about Superheroes. In 5 whole weeks. There is something very wrong with this picture, and so I aim to fix it. See you then, Chronics!


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