My writer is blocked


I have been doing this a lot lately.

Well, ok, I made cupcakes yesterday, as it was my half birthday and my mom’s three-quarters birthday, an occasion that necessitates cake, if you ask me.


Today, I have been procrasti-eating all those leftover cupcakes.

Hey, gluten-free stuff doesn’t stay nearly as long as the regular stuff. I wouldn’t want them to go to waste…

But really. It’s my 30th post- WOOHOO- and I wanted to write about something SUPER AWESOME and FANTASTIC to celebrate. However, I’m just not coming up with anything. Really, universe, you should rethink your 30th post celebration presents…writer’s block was NOT on my wish list.


Compounded by the fact that it’s raining, late-ish, and I’ve eaten my dog’s weight in sugar this afternoon, I’m going to forgo a lengthy post today (unless you want to continue talking about cupcakes, and writer’s block, and my dog). When one’s own wisdom isn’t available for comment, it is always a good idea to quote someone else. So here you go, your Friday wisdom, courtesy of the smartest bear to ever live:


Have a great weekend, Everyone. I promise to charge my brain batteries this weekend and return with a full-length post on Monday!


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