The Crafty Chronic (2)

Or Part Deux, if I were French, or an episode of I Love the 80’s on VH1.



I don’t have a heartwarming story to tell you about how I learned to sew, the way I did about how I learned to crochet (The Crafty Chronic (1), August 4).


I don’t actually remember how I learned to sew. It may have been in a past life, for all I know, as I’ve just always seemed to have this skill. #NotBraggingIPromise

When I was a nerdy bird elementary school student, instead of going to a summer camp where you play in the dirt and sing songs around a campfire, I headed off to our local fabric store for sewing camp.

Yes, they have those.

At my first session of sewing camp, I was to make a pillow and a drawstring backpack. I could barely contain my excitement at getting to pick out fabric. Really, it’s the most fun part of any project- designing it in your brain, picking through piles of fabric colors and patterns, finally choosing the perfect one. My pillow was this blue, green and yellow plaid concoction. (It would go great with my bright yellow and green bedroom! Coincidentally, I now really dislike the color yellow. I have been “yellow-ed” out.) For the backpack, I chose a classic denim for the main part, and a pretty purple flowered bit for the flap, with a matching dark purple drawstring.

I returned to sewing camp multiple times, and came home with a dress (which fit but I never wore) and a hot pink fleece sweatshirt (which didn’t fit but I wore all the time).

Like all my crafty projects, you can bet that the things I’ve sewn will show up as Christmas presents. One ambitious year, I made my mom, step-dad, sister and I matching pajama pants in a red flannel snowman print. Mom and Step-dad still have theirs and wear them, even though it was like 15 years ago that I made them. Mine did not survive the Sigourney Weaver Purge of 2008 (See That Time I Let Sigourney Weaver Tell Me What to Do, July 30). My sister’s are currently Missing In Action. There was only one photograph of all of us wearing them together, but as it was taken with my sister’s Very First Digital Camera (“Yes, kids, I remember the year they invented those,” the old lady rasped as she swayed back and forth in her rocking chair on the porch…), it no longer exists.

Now, I am my family’s short-order seamstress. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times someone has asked me to fix something. If I can’t, my mom can- she happens to be one crafty lady herself! And as I just don’t grasp the concept of “invisible hems”, that’s a super good thing.

Mom actually used to make our Halloween costumes from scratch. She was THAT mom, and it was awesome! Here I am as the best dressed Ballerina in the St. Paul area:

Scanned ImageIt also came in handy that she could sew, because as we were living in the St. Paul, MINNESOTA area at the time, there was a blizzard on Halloween, and Mom had to take the seams out and pin our costumes to our snowsuits.


Being crafty is a very handy skill. Also, don’t live in Minnesota if you hate snow. #MomDoes

I happen to have a very good assistant when engaging in Crafty behavior:


However, she tends to think that the nice piece of flannel I have laid out on the floor to measure and cut is there for her personal use and lies down on it. Which is unhelpful. I wish I had a picture of this, but I am usually too busy Shoo-ing her away as I JUST PINNED THAT, SERIOUSLY BUG?!

I love to make bags. Cosmetic bags are fun and super easy. As are what we DC kids call “reusable bags”. (We have “bag tax” here, which means if you use a plastic bag at a store-ANY store- you get charged 5 cents for it. Which doesn’t seem like a lot until you go grocery shopping every week. Or go to Target. So we have “reusable bags”-cloth bags that you are supposed to bring with you. However, everyone always forgets, and no one wants to pay for bags, so people just carry their stuff out of the store. Hence all the new security guard positions available in this area to check receipts…#Environmentalism #BetterInTheory)


Sometimes I get bored and need to refresh my pattern collection with some new ones. There really are patterns for anything and everything you could imagine. In my search for a new project, I had to wade through doggie jacket patterns (I crocheted Suki a sweater once. It fit, but she ate it.) and Frozen make-your-own-Elsa-costume for Halloween patterns.

But it was worth it.

Because what I found was the greatest pattern of all time:


I really, really, LOVE elephants ❤

I just so happened to have some leftover Marvel Superhero fabric from another project…

And so, the greatest thing I’ve ever made, EVER, was born this weekend:


His name is Rory.

He is Suki approved:


Really, he makes me Sew Happy, I am just losing my mind. If you happen to get a stuffed elephant from me for Christmas, I’m sorry. They are just Too Fun to make. You’ve been warned. #SorrySissy


I would love to know about your Crafty selves, Chronics! Through the wonders of the Internet, I’ve been connected to a number of Crafty people, Chronic or not, and I’m loving what you all are coming up with. Do you have a favorite kind of craft? A project that made you Sew Happy? Tell me about it! Drop me a note on my Facebook page:


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