Rest Day

You guys.

My step-dad has been sick this week.

He thinks he had the sniffles with a side of mind-numbing headache.

Personally, I think he had the Black Plague.

This was me this week:



My rather sluggish immune system has put up a valiant fight, and coupled with my overzealous use of Lysol, I have not gotten sick!

However, I am so tired.

So very, very tired.

In order to make sure that I am back in fighting-form this weekend (I have Very Important Plans that involve a Friend and her Wedding ❤ ) I am suspending all usual activities in favor of sleep.

MjAxMy1hOTE4ZjNlNzI1Nzg3ZGQwMy recumbent bike, my sweet doggie’s extended walk, and this blog fall under the category of “usual activities.”

So have a happy weekend, Chronic Readers, and send good vibes my way that my immune system keeps up the good fight against any lingering germiness. I will see you all on Monday! 🙂



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