Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

I feel like there should be a Christmas Paul Revere who rides around town the week of the 25th to remind us that it’s just a few days away.


“Only 48 hours till Christmas!”


Because really, between Target and Walmart and their intensive post-Halloween marketing campaigns, I feel like I really have no idea when Christmas actually is.

Like, hasn’t it been Christmas for nearly 2 months now? Can someone just tell me which day is the one where I get to wake up, make snowflake shaped chocolate chip pancakes, and give people presents?

Sometimes days melt into one another for me anyway. My brain is sleepy, and this dark, rainy weather (ew, Mid-Atlantic, just, ew.) isn’t helping; I don’t know a Christmas Eve from a Christmas Day. I’m a pinch afraid I will go to sleep tonight and wake up on the 26th, having completely missed the whole thing.

I happen to really like Christmas. I like trees and presents, an elf on every shelf, and playing the same holiday albums on repeat (Kelly Clarkson, Michael Buble, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra-lather, rinse, repeat). I like cookies and parties, though sadly I didn’t get my act together enough to throw one this year. (New Year’s! I will have a New Year’s party! Probably sometime in February…)

It kind of bums me out that so many articles and blog posts that I’ve been seeing online are titled “Surviving Christmas” or “Holiday Survival Guide.”

While they are often full of solid advice (eat before you go to your gluten-loving grandma’s house; take naps), does it make anyone else just a bit sad that the holiday season is something we must mentally arm ourselves for? Like, as kiddos, we weren’t on the playground lamenting, “Oh Sally, Christmas is coming. That means Great-auntie Nora is going to pinch my cheeks and comment on how I’m too old to wear leggings as pants now that I’m six…”

No, we were too busy being excited. Sure, for presents perhaps, but just the anticipation of a whole day dedicated to fun.

Of course I count myself as slightly adult-ish now, and I can see that a lot of what made Christmas “Christmas-y” as a kid requires a lot of attention and effort on the part of parents/adults. Those elf-on-the-shelf’s don’t run their own marshmallow bathtubs, you know (or do they…?)


But, really, survival guides?

Shouldn’t those be reserved for national emergencies and time spent on deserted islands?

That’s what I think.

But then again, I don’t know your family, so…


#Griswold #ChristmasVacation


I don’t have particularly elaborate holiday plans, but I will do my best to enjoy the day in the most celebratory way I can muster. As such, I will be pushing my second post this week to Friday, instead of its usual Thursday.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday. Celebrate it, sleep through it, survive it-whatever your plans, I hope that you have a lovely few days and that Santa is good to you! (You are on the Nice list, yes? Of course you are!)



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