Alternative Workouts: Snow Edition!

Exciting News, Chronic Readers!


Ok, you may not be as excited as I am. I do think snow is pretty awesome. I mean, really, frozen water falling from the sky into fluffy white piles of icicle wondrousness? It’s my favorite!

At least until I realize that I can’t really leave the house due to unplowed roads and nutty drivers, and I had about a zillion errands I needed to run today…

Oh well, not important!

Because it’s Snowing!

One of the best things about snow is all the creative work-out opportunities it presents (snowball fights, building snowmen, making snow angels-which is really just doing jumping jacks while lying down). I was getting a little bored with my run/walk to nowhere on the treadmill, so I was totally jazzed to get outside this morning and shovel.

Yep, I shoveled!

To all of my readers who live North of the Mason-Dixon line and who shovel more often than not during the winter months, please don’t think me crazy. I haven’t been able to shovel since I was 12, so you can bet I am dancing a happy dance; at least, I plan to once I defrost enough to feel my feet again.

When I looked out the window, it seemed like the snow was tapering off. It was light and fluffy when I took the dog out a few minutes before. I figured now was a good time to get this show on the road, that way it would be easier to do a second time later, should we need to venture out.

It took like, 5 whole minutes to get my gear on- boots, gloves, scarf, hat, giant puffy jacket that is long enough to cover my bum. Then I had to actually find the shovel, as it had been relegated to the back of the rake/shovel pile as it’s been nearly 11 months since we needed it last. A big swig of Gatorade, and I was ready to go!

The funny thing about snow is that it is strangely de-sensory. De-sensory isn’t a word, I know, but I can’t think of the actual word I want to use… What I mean is that it muffles out all sound, so the street is eerily quiet. It blankets over everything; suddenly all you see is white. So, standing there, in a quiet, all-white chasm, it felt like I had completely forgotten where the driveway was- I spent the first few minutes shoveling out a bit of grass, which was really just mud.

At least it created a reference point from which to work from.

I tried to approach the task in a systematic way, first shoveling straight down the edges of the driveway (so I could find it!) and then working my way across.

You know what?

It was hard.

Snow does not mess around, let me tell you.

That <stuff> is heavy.

All I kept thinking was that I had not adequately fortified myself for this task. My morning bowl of oatmeal was not the breakfast of champions I thought it to be. “Clearly, when this is over,” I thought to myself, “I’m going to have to make a massive stack of chocolate chip pancakes and drink a liter of hot cocoa in order to make up for it.”

I finally made it to the end of the driveway, and leaned on the shovel, ready to revel in my defeat of the snowstorm, when I looked back at where I had just been.

It was completely covered!




The snow was not in any way slowing down; in fact, it was snowing harder than ever. I had a good quarter of an inch growing on my shoulder like moss on a stone.

But, but, but… How will anyone know of my accomplishment if it disappears as soon as I’m done?

Thank goodness I have a blog, so I can tell everyone about it.

My sister got home a few minutes later, after a failed attempt to get to work, and I’m sure she appreciated not stepping into inches of frozen powder in her good work shoes.

I was paid in high-fives for my efforts.

This is a picture of her car tire, which easily glided into our clear-ish driveway after a painful journey through unplowed roads:


There is TOTALLY less snow on the driveway than there was before, I promise.


You’re welcome.

But really, shoveling is quite a workout! It apparently burns 223 calories for every half hour you plow.

I was right- the oatmeal wasn’t enough.

I’m off to make those pancakes now.

Goodness knows I’ve earned them!


Do you like snow days, Chronic reader? Who does the shoveling at your house?


One thought on “Alternative Workouts: Snow Edition!

  1. sarcoidosissoldier says:

    I miss snow…sort of! I used to live in NY, then MD and now GA! So no one shovels at our house anymore! I’m so glad for you that you were able to shovel. That’s quite an accomplishment and all accomplishments are worth celebration!

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