See you later, January!

Oh no, I missed posting yesterday! Due to the combination of starting a new, more potent beta-blocker and the weather outside being frightful (freezing rainstorm, anyone?), this was my brain yesterday:


My brain still kind of feels like that today, too.

In fact, I think my brain has been in a state of “brainfreeze” since January began, because, coincidentally, it is the last-ish day of January and I have no idea where the whole month went.

Weren’t we just singing Auld Lang Syne like, 5 minutes ago? What kind of a sinkhole did January fall into because I think that someone should investigate?

There are some months during the year that seem to last forever.

For instance, April. I don’t know why, but April seems like it goes on and on and on.

But January?

Blink and you miss it!

Don’t get me started on February…

I meant to send Christmas cards in December. I didn’t get around to it, so I planned to send “Happy New Year” cards in January.

I have yet to send said New Year’s cards…

When does the year stop being new? Can I get away with Happy New Year cards in like, March? Or will the new-car smell of 2015 have worn off by then?

The point is, 2015 is 1/12 complete.

My goal is to be more en pointe for the next 11/12s of it, but no guarantees.

In the meantime, perhaps some hot chocolate will thaw out my brain enough to work on some projects today…

…or maybe I will simply snuggle on the couch with Suki until it thaws outside too. 🙂



7 thoughts on “See you later, January!

  1. Savannah Hardcastle says:

    Snuggling up w/your dog sounds like a wonderful plan. I can’t wait to get a dog for myself! Since I’ve been diagnosed, all I can think about is finally getting my furry friend for snuggles.

  2. sarcoidosissoldier says:

    Love the picture of the brain…mine feels that way a lot too! January kind of sucked here in Georgia…a lot of clouds and rain and cold blustering wind this year. I’m glad it is just about over. Snuggling with your cute pup and having some hot cocoa is a fabulous idea! I’d be lost without my pups! Take care and enjoy the 11/12 of the rest of the year!

    • iamchronicallywell says:

      Wind is my least favorite weather element! I hope you are managing to stay warm- is there anywhere where January doesn’t suck? I would guess a tropical island somewhere, but isn’t it hurricane season too? Oh well! Thank goodness it’s February now- not too much longer till spring!

  3. asouthernceliac says:

    January was hectic for me, so it definitely seemed to fly by. I seem to be off my best game through the whole winter. I think it’s the grey and the rain. Hope your other 11/12 of the year is more mindful. 🙂

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