Be Your Own Valentine!

I really, really love Valentine’s Day.

Probably even more than Christmas, but second to my birthday.

Pretty much every Valentine’s Day ever, I have been single.

My single girl status does not mean that I sit around grumpy, in ratty sweatpants, bemoaning love. I absolutely cannot stand that “Single-Girl-On-Valentine’s-Day” stereotype. It doesn’t have to be a bummer, singletons! No!

In fact…

Why don’t you be your own best Valentine?

How about a festive manicure/pedicure?


Make yourself a yummy heart-shaped pancake breakfast!


Buy yourself some chocolates! (That way you get the kind you like!)


Watch a lovey-dovey movie on Netflix!

If you are hopelessly romantic: An Affair to Remember (How irresistible is Carey Grant?).



If you’re slightly jaded: How to Marry a Millionaire (Lauren Bacall can be your spirit animal!)



If you like your movies like you like your pizza (a.k.a. cheesy): Anything with Hugh Grant in it- might I suggest Notting Hill or Bridget Jones’ Diary?


King of the Rom-Com


Feeling left out when your Facebook NewsFeed shows pictures of all your friends out with their sweathearts?

Well, my dears, that’s why we have pets…

Photo on 2-14-15 at 2.20 PM #2

She got her own set of heart shaped pancakes for putting up with me!


See? It’s not so bad 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chronic Readers! I adore you ❤


4 thoughts on “Be Your Own Valentine!

  1. sarcoidosissoldier says:

    What a great blog! I laughed when you mentioned ratty sweatpants because my husband and I have spent half the day in them today lazy on the couch…heheheheh! And You’re right about the pets! Single or not…they do wonders for the heart! Hope you are feeling better, by the way!

      • sarcoidosissoldier says:

        You’re right, I suppose…that couple ratty sweatpants are different than single girl sweatpants. It just struck me funny though because once you’ve been married as long as we have…all the mystery is gone. That can be a good thing though…just amusing. :.)

        Glad you are feeling a bit better but I hope to hear that you are a whole lot better soon!

  2. Brittany Wattenbarger says:

    My best friend is single this year, so she wound up joining my husband and I at the restaurant we went to for Valentine’s Day last night. It was actually a lot of fun hanging out with my two favorite people, even if we got some strange looks from the couples there.

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