A lot of snow and some Downton Abbey mixed in.

Somewhere between the never-ending snow (8 inches yesterday!) and my media-fast, I have lost all track of space and time.

Apparently it is Friday.


I would say Yay, but for me, chronic life makes me feel more akin to the Dowager Countess than Matthew Crawley:


The only difference a weekend makes is that I can’t call my doctor’s office for refills or appointments, which is super annoying.

Speaking of Downton Abbey, can we just chat about it for a minute? Season/Series 5 has successfully aired in both the UK and US in its entirety, so I can gab about my most favorite television show without spoiling anything.

I loved that no one died this season, don’t you?

Well, I guess Mr. Gregson did, but only in the official sense. We knew he was a goner the moment he started hanging out with Edith.


I’m right.

I’m going to put my cards out on the table and let you know that I am not just a casual viewer of this wonder of Edwardian drama. I am a Downton Abbey superfan. I have a T-shirt that says, “I’m a Mary” on it and everything.


#Christmas2012 (It’s funny ‘cause it’s TRUE)

Some people have told me that they think that Downton Abbey is “slow,” and I will agree that nothing ever blows up, there are no car chases, and it takes about 9 episodes for them to figure out that no actual murder took place (RIP The 1st Mrs. Bates).

However, if you are patient enough, you will be privy to the glory that is the Cousin Violet/Cousin Isobel comeback-feud, the razor sharp tongue of Lady Mary, and the incredible satisfaction of Sibyl finally, finally, finally running off with the chauffeur. Plus, Season 3 is practically guaranteed to break your heart at one point or another.

Oh, and the clothes they wear! My vintage-loving heart has died and gone to heaven, and it’s a beaded, bejeweled land of plenty. The Downton Abbey wardrobe department has me convinced that Americans do not wear hats often enough (or, um, ever?) and we need to rectify this situation immediately. Gloves, too, if only so I can look pretty and avoid germs at the same time. Win-win!




Things I love that happen at Downton Abbey that I wish happened more often in real life:

~Dinner Parties: Don’t you just love a good party? I do. It looks like a lot of work if done Edwardian style (anyone know where one can rent a butler and some footmen?) but I feel like a simplistic version could be doable. Fancy dress a must!


~Trips to London (a.k.a Big City): I am not much of a big city person. Manhattan makes me feel confused, lost, and a little nauseous. Smaller-sized big cities like Nashville and Washington, D.C. on the other hand are much more my style, and I love to take trips into “town.” For some reason, everything feels more special when it comes from the City.

~Manners: Really, people, this does not have to remain in the Land of Pretend.

~Country walks: Everything is greener in Yorkshire. Why wouldn’t you want to traipse all around all day, every day? I need to find myself a bit of green to go walking through.


~Tom Branson: Just because.


Are you a fan of Downton Abbey? What do you think of the Edwardian time period? Is there anything from the world of Downton that you wished happened in your real life? I’d love to hear about it here or on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/iamchronicallywell!


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