Shop your (sister’s) closet.


*Nic Note: This is my official 100th post! I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who has read any or all of blog posts #1-99. I appreciate you so, so, much! If you’ve ever left me a comment, thank you doubly! I appreciate you reaching out, and of course now believe that we are best friends. (#NotReally, #UnlessWeAre, #BloggingBuddies)

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

I have some Really Important Thoughts about spring cleaning and recycling, such as this one:

Shop your sister’s closet.

I mean it.

She’s got good stuff.

Don’t have a sister?

You should totally get one. They come highly recommended. (At least when they are not hogging the bathroom, or all the attention…)

My sister, Sissy (#NotHerRealName #ItMightAsWellBe), is older than me, but only by 18 months. When we were little, people thought we were twins. That lasted about 1 millisecond in the grand scheme of things, as we became separate individuals, both physically and stylistically, pretty quickly.

Here’s the thing: I am taller than her by a solid 2 inches (I say 3 but she says 2) and wear a shoe 3 sizes bigger than her (she agrees she has the smallest feet EVER). My pant size is usually 1-2 sizes up from hers, but her top size is usually 1-2 sizes up from mine.

You wouldn’t necessarily think we’d be able to share clothing.

Except we do.

Here’s another thing: Clothes are weird. Bodies are weird, too, for that matter.

Clothes may stay the same size and shape forever (barring any horrible laundry accidents, of which I am guilty of many), but bodies don’t. It’s not a bad thing, just a thing. You can sit around and be bummed out about it, buying all new clothes every time you decide to resume your Squat&Lunge gym routine, or you can do like I said before and go get yourself a sister…and her closet.

I spend a lot of money on jeans. I like nice jeans, and I will either get them tailored or will hem them myself so that they fit perfectly.

Then I resume said Squat&Lunge gym routine. (Translation: “Is my body too bootylicious for you, babe?” #ThanksBeyonce #SheGetsIt)

My sister spends a lot of money on dresses. Her job is the kind you wear dresses to. She has a rainbow of them, in various styles, each bought when it fits perfectly.

Then she resumes her gym routine on the Elliptical. (Translation: “She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.” #SkinnyMinny)

The result is that, roughly twice a year, we have a mutual meltdown about how nothing fits anymore and go about cleaning out our closets. We each throw the offenders in a pile on the floor and then drop the pile on the other sister’s bedroom doorstep.

She gets perfectly hemmed jeans whose gapping waistbands have been taken in (#TheWorst #1JeanProblem) and I get last year’s New York & Company’s Spring Dress Collection.


The rules of exchange are very simple:

You cannot throw anything away without the other’s permission. If it is something especially nice, it might need to sit in a closet for a season or two before it fits someone again (it always ends up fitting someone again). Sometimes it will never fit its original owner again and the other has to keep it anyway, so the original owner can live vicariously through the other wearing it. Ok, this only happens when I am the original owner. Sigh. This is why my sister has a pair of designer skinny jeans in her closet still, even though she isn’t much of a fan of their very trendy high waist and super dark wash. Jeans like those deserve to be worn! They need to go out and party every once and a while! Only she can give them that now! Darn you, squats!

If the original owner wants it back, give it to her. Now. This is a tricky rule because with so much back and forth it can be hard for my sister- I mean, us– to remember what belongs to whom. There will be a time, every year, where 1 back-and-forth item will fit both of us at the same time. It can get ugly (and by ugly, I mean, I make one heck of an ugly face when my sister doesn’t give me back my jeans already). It’s best to keep track of especially special items, so arguing does not ensue.

Don’t keep score. Really. Just Don’t. I am under the impression that 1 pair of (not-on-sale) tailored White House Black Market jeans = 3 TJ Maxx-price designer dresses. I just am. Sissy is more of a “1 for you, 1 for me” kind of gal. So we don’t keep score. Period. Sometimes I get more dresses. Technically, she has more clothes than me in general. It’s not my fault. It just happened that way.

I am always happy to help the environment by recycling. I am always much happier when doing so means that the only effort I have to put into my Spring wardrobe is to go visit the closet (and the sister who goes with it!) down the hall.


Do you have a sister or sister-friend with whom you share, swap, or otherwise up-cycle clothing with? What’s the best thing you’ve ever traded? I am pretty psyched for one particular lilac Calvin Klein number that has “Never Get Rid of This” written all over it…


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