Live from Hollywood! This is Dancing with the Stars!


Dear Dancing With the Stars,

I love you.

Not in a stalker kind of way (promise), but in an I-will-give-up-my-Monday-and-sometimes-Tuesday-nights-until-the-end-of-time-for-you way. And I have, for 10 years (save those few seasons I completely blanked on- I had no idea Donny Osmond was even on this show, let alone won it?)

As the epicness of Year 10, Season 20 comes to a close tonight, I’ve been reflecting on all the many, many things I love about you, and I thought I’d share a few.

Sequins. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, shall we. You sparkle, DWTS, quite literally. From rhinestones to body glitter, I’m quite sure you can be seen from space. I love that you make everyone look pretty. I love that it’s not just the ladies who are bedazzled, but also the NFL’s all-time rushing leader. Props to you, Emmitt Smith, you look ravishing in jewel tones.

Len Goodman. Life would be empty without a 10 from Len. I know the powers that be brought in Julianne Hough as a “bonus” judge to ease us slowly into the transition of giving this lovable old man a break to enjoy his retirement. But I just can’t let him go. (And neither can ABC, apparently, because he’s still hanging around…) I like Grumpy Len. I like that he keeps DWTS honest- without him gently guiding us in the ways of ballroom (Sample quote: “This was not a Viennese Waltz, it was a theatrical hodge-podge!”) the show would just be, well, theatrical hodge-podge.

Tom Burgeron. Needs to host everything. For ever and ever. I’d like to get an offer in now to MC my 30th birthday party. Do you think he’d be ok with getting paid in cake?

The Pros. Derek Hough(!) Sharna Burgess (!!) Cheryl Burke (!!!) The Chmerkovskiy Brothers (!!!!) and all the rest. I wish so much that my local dance studio was populated by this nurturing, colorful cast of characters. It’s probably better that it’s not because I’ve got to work, blog, take my dog out, and stop to eat every once and a while. I don’t know that I’d be able to do those things if dance lessons by these awesome pros were accessible, because I’d be there ALL THE TIME.

The Celebrities. Ok. Probably half the people who have competed on Dancing with the Stars are only vague celebrities. I am still trying to figure out why being on the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows seems to immediately qualify you for entry to this dancing competition. There are no hot tubs here! Oh, but when they get it right! John O’Hurley (He was robbed! Season 1 Team O’Hurley 4evah), Drew Lachey, anyone who has ever been popular in the NFL, anyone who has ever won an Olympic medal, Danica McKellar, Amber Riley… I cannot speak of Kelly Pickler, Amy Purdy, Meryl Davis, Noah Galloway, or Rumer Willis without getting needlessly emotional…Ugh. LOVE IT.

I could go on and on, Dancing with the Stars, filling pages and posts with my incredible admiration of you. But alas, your finale starts in like, 55 minutes, and I still have to do dishes and walk the dog, so I’ve got to make this short…

Thank you for being my favorite show. Thank you for showing us your sparkle. Thank you for making me want to sparkle. Thank you for making me want to dance. ❤

Love, Nic

P.S. To show me that you love me too, please let Rumer and Val win tonight! #TeamValenRue 🙂


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