Memorial Day Weekend

Remember when I said people who run love to talk about how they run? (

And how I said I was one of those people now?

Last week I was super excited to tell you about how I met my goal of reaching a mile in under 15 minutes doing my run/walk intervals. (

This week I am super excited to tell you that for the first time ever, I ran outside and not on a treadmill!

My family has a condo at the beach in New Jersey (yay NJ beaches!) and we went up for Memorial Day weekend.

Now usually, I am not a fan of the Holiday Weekend. People are everywhere, and they tend to be kind of crazy. It’s like in taking a holiday from their everyday lives they also decide to take a holiday from being human. I actually saw someone videotaping themselves using a selfie stick and an iphone as they biked down the middle of the road. Like with cars and stuff.

In general, I don’t like loud and I don’t like pushy.

NJ beaches on holiday weekends are loud and pushy. (Also kind of anytime? Except when they play the National Anthem at 11 am every day on the boardwalk. Then it’s eerily quiet- as it should be #Respect)

Part of me was like, “That’s it, I’m just going to stay inside all weekend, whatever, I can see the ocean from my house, I’m good.”

But another part of me was like, “Girl, you are a runner now. Get out there and run.”

So I did.

My very friendly non-running mom rented a bike and came with me. The super nice bike rental lady wanted to know why I didn’t want a bike too.

My mom said, “Oh, she runs.”

Nice bike lady said (standard non-runner response), “Why would you want to do that?”

To which I replied, “Because I can.”

Which made my mom laugh super hard, which made me laugh super hard, which made the nice bike lady look at us like we were nuts. It was probably a mix of insane universe-gratitude, relief, and comic hysteria, because yeah, I can run now.

We set off, and half an hour later had made it to the local library and back, a neat 1.2 miles. We capped it off with a 1 mile walk down the boardwalk, just for funsies.

Here’s what did not happen on this excursion (all of which I totally thought was absolutely going to happen):

~I did not polymorphous light erupt (see What’s POTS in the sidebar).

~I did not throw up.

~I did not have to use the icky porta potty.

~I did not faint.

~I did not trip and fall on my face.

~I did not get run over by crazy Memorial Day weekend bike riders. (This was touch and go for a minute. Who knew drinking and biking was a thing? #ShouldNOTBeAThing)

~Emergency vehicles and their workers did not make an appearance at all, in any capacity, during this time period.

Here’s what did happen on this excursion:

~I remembered to breathe.

~I remembered to pace myself.

~I switched from walking to running based on how I felt (I ditched the podcast for this one).

~I went further than I thought I could.

~I went on to have a perfectly normal day afterwards. No crashing and burning.

~I did a happy dance in the elevator on our way back to the condo.


Now, just to let you in on a little secret, this did not just magically occur. First off, there was the 8 months that I have been inching my way up to this point #Progress. As for the day itself, when it comes to planning, I am a grade-A overworrier. I err on the side of being overprepared. I get it- someday I will get to the place where I do not need to load up like a pack mule just to run a mile. Someday, it will really just be me and my running shoes out on an open road. But for now…

This is what I had with me and/or wore:

~A hat.

~A long sleeve shirt.

~Long pants. (Thank goodness it was only 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure how I will handle this once it’s warmer. #AllergicToTheSun #HidingFromSunlight)

~Running shoes.

~Armband cell phone holder.

~One eared headphones (headphone?) so I could listen to music and be aware of my surroundings at the same time. (Highly recommend this- look on Amazon.)

~Water bottle “tool belt” containing 3 bottles of water and 1 bottle of Gatorade (7oz./bottle), I.D., dried fruit bar, and tissues (my nose runs when I run…it’s jealous of my legs? #BadJoke).

~Condo keys on a bungee cord on my wrist.

Even with all that, I still felt like I was forgetting something. I carried nothing that would prove useful if say, an unplanned tsunami hit. Though the water bottle tool belt *might* double as a floatation device if I needed it to.

You know what, laugh all you want, I totally do not mind being this guy:


My mom asked if it was hard to run with all that stuff.

I actually didn’t notice? I was too busy jumping up and down in my head.


What did you do this Memorial Day weekend? Do you have big plans for the summer? I’d love to hear all about it!


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