The Morning Person

Apparently, I have become a morning person.

I’m really not sure when this happened.

Previously, I have been mostly a “Few-Good-Hours-In-the-Afternoon” person. I have never been a night owl. I have night-blindness. It’s complicated.

When I was in high school, I had to get up at 6:45 to get to school on time. This was the absolute latest I could wake up, throw on my uniform (woot woot private school), brush my teeth, and still make it before the dreaded second bell. Putting on my uniform and brushing my teeth were actually my only morning routine. My mom made my lunch and shoved some sort of breakfast in my hand so that her comatose teenaged daughter didn’t have to wake up 10 minutes earlier to figure that out. #Saint.

6:45 a.m. seemed like the most un-godly hour I could ever imagine. There were some girls at school who woke up at 6 a.m. so they could shower and blow dry their hair (WHY) and my you’ve-heard-it-a-million-times joke was to say, “6 o’clock? I didn’t know they made one of those in the morning too!”

You guys. It has been 8 years, but I am now waking up at 6:45 a.m. again.

I can see all you Chronics gasping.

WHY, Nic, WHY.

Um…to run…


Yes, Chronic readers, I now wake up at a time I had previously referred to as the witching hour of the anti-Christ, VOLUNTARILY.


I know, I know, I don’t even know who I am any more.

This started out as a practical endeavor. I want to do my run/walk intervals outside because the treadmill is getting old and research says spending time in the early morning outside makes your circadian rhythms balanced and your serotonin levels sing like a Disney princess (ok, so that was not the scientific description, but it should have been).

In order to be outside for any length of time, I have to hide from the sunlight. What better way to do so then to go out way early when Mr. Sun still has sleep in his eyes and can’t find me beneath the shady trees that line the one sidewalk-ed street in my neighborhood?

Let’s be honest, I did not just wake up one day at this time and have it be magic.

I am not actually a Disney princess. My transformation is sadly not yet complete.

I started in half hour increments, waking up earlier and earlier every week. Yes, week, not day, friends. I didn’t want to freak my POTS out with shock. It’s very sensitive, and I have to be super secretive when I make changes. Like la-de-da-de-da, I’m not doing anything differently over here, not me! And then, you know, fake myself out.

Apparently I’m really good at this, because I didn’t even realize I had gotten to the 6:45 mark until I had done it a few times and my sister was like, “WHY are you making SO MUCH noise SO EARLY, I am SLEEPING, it’s still DARK out, I am a TEACHER on SUMMER BREAK, sleep is PRECIOUS, ohmygosh JEEZ.”

As a side effect of me being so efficient and awesome, my dog Suki, who happens to sleep in my mom’s room (#FavoriteDaughter #NotJealous #OkMaybe), thinks that morning comes early for her now too, so you know my sleep deprived mother is also a fan of this new development of mine. #Sarcasm #SheisSOCranky #OkYoureNot #SeriouslyYoureNot! #NoIWontChangeIt #Jeez #Cranky #Truth

I go out for my 30 minutes, then come home, shower, sit down to do my transcribing work, and wow, it’s like 9 a.m.

Which is what time I used to get up at.

This is my favorite part. I love to look at the clock, see a time I used to wake up at, and be like, “Well today, I went run/walking, tweezed my eyebrows, showered, did my first shift of transcribing, and played with the dog, all before I would have even been awake 2 months ago!”

It’s kind of awesome to compare yourself to yourself.

When I get up early and start my day moving around, I get a lot done. Funny thing though, no matter what time I get up, usually from about 4-7 p.m, I’m kind of a zombie person. I’m not sure why, but it happens. Of course, it makes more sense to get up earlier, so that I have more productive time in my day before Zombie Hours hit. What’s frustrating is that Zombie Hours appear to be non-transferable.

Recently, I wanted to go out at 7 p.m. I had plans with friends. This means that I had to function during Zombie Hours in order to get ready and get to where I was going. I tried everything to make myself function in this time zone. I took it easy in terms of activity level, and even took a nap in the hopes of conserving my energy to be able to use later when I wanted it.

This is not how Chronic works, apparently.

There are no roll-over minutes in this data plan, no conservation of energy for on-demand use.

I was only able to stay long enough to hug everyone, and then had to bail, which bummed me out because I would have liked to be fully human for that outing so that I could have stayed longer. No go.

We joked as I was leaving that next time we get together it will be in “Like, the daytime,” which was really just a joke to me, because I’m pretty sure my friends still count 7 p.m. as “Daytime” even though I don’t right now. #JustMe?

My second social outing of the week took place at lunchtime and was slightly more successful. Coincidence that it was earlier in the day? Maybe, maybe not.

I can’t help it, I’ve become a morning person. It’s just the way my body wants to be, even if my mind kind of sort of laughs at it. I even asked on Facebook if I was alone in my morning-person-ness; if I was some sort of running-morning-person-unicorn. It was agreed that I kind of am.

I feel like maybe that’s not such a bad thing to be. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Morning Person

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

    Oh wow! Congrats! I keep trying to make myself wake up earlier. My whole life I’ve been a night owl, and every summer (when I was still in school) I would transition to almost nocturnal… though, in my defense, summers were over 100F most days. I do love the morning though, the really early morning. The smell and sounds and feel of the air are all different and wonderful. But, even when I wake up early, I can’t get to sleep before midnight and then I end up completely dead the next day.
    Right now, I’m working on trying to get myself to wake up at 10am… yes, that is early right now. I can wake up earlier when I have to, but not on a daily basis. So yay for you!!! That’s exciting!!!

    • iamchronicallywell says:

      10 a.m. is a great goal! There was quite a bit of time where 11 a.m. Was my usual wake up time- I’d roll out of bed and watch The View to see what was happening in the world because by then all the “morning shows” were over! Good luck to you-it’s a hard transition to wake up earlier, but you can do it!

      • Elizabeth B. says:

        Thank you! Right now I wake up at 11, then mess around on my phone until sometime after noon, when I drag myself out of bed and stumble down to the couch. Definitely want to get it fixed so I can start feeling better!

  2. sarcoidosissoldier says:

    I’ve forced myself to become a morning person too…5:15 am almost every day. I get up…read blogs, write blogs, look at FB and then just as the sun is coming up, I go walk the dogs, come back eat breakfast and exercise. It’s nice but I do find an afternoon nap is often in order. I love when you said…”There are no roll-over minutes in this data plan, no conservation of energy for on-demand use.” Boy could I relate to that! Being a morning person is a good thing…it’s interesting for me…I used to be a night owl…so it is possible for an old dog to learn a new trick!

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