Wake me up when September ends

Pardon me, I seem to have misplaced the month of September.

Have you seen it?

It’s been a long time, Chronic friends!

I really didn’t intend to go MIA for an entire month. But when has that ever stopped it from happening?

So where have I been and what have I been up to?

Well, I moved.

My Chronic thoughts on that?

Moving is awful and stressful and ohmygosh avoid it if you can!

Yeah, so it’s probably better that I wasn’t spilling my guts to the inter-webs at that time. My updated Chronic thoughts on that?

Moving is the best and ohmygosh everything is so much better now! Daisies and rainbows and unicorns and MOVING! YAY!

Which is why I’m writing now, and not then.

My move was relatively tiny, but it was very involved. In the interest of not sharing too many personal details, I’ll instead show you a few of the nifty projects I’ve been buried under- I mean, happily undertaking- this month.

Outdoor Furniture

My big thing was that I really wanted a firepit for my backyard. Like sooooo much. Because what is more fun than s’mores? You’re right- nothing! S’mores are the best, and we have an electric stove which is not conducive to lighting marshmallows on fire. Microwaving is a cheap shortcut. I want legitimate campfire burned-up gooeyness! Post-summer season sales meant I made my firepit dreams come true for $34.98 at Walmart. But where would we sit?

I inherited a pair of these outdoor wooden rocking chairs:



They were in pretty rough shape- literally. I sanded these things until kingdom come. Then it was time for a bright and happy fresh paint job and some cutesy clearance pillows from Homegoods and Voila!


Now I can happily rock off into the sunset while getting my pyromaniac on. #TrueBliss


Know what’s comfy? A couch. Know what’s comfy and muli-functional? A couch that folds out to a queen size mattress! Know what’s not fun? The fact that most places sell futon covers for full-size mattress fold-outs. That would mean we’d be missing a number of essential inches, which would be well, uncovered. No good, my friends, no good.

Know what is good? The sale on canvas at Joann Fabrics that meant that I got to make my own futon cover (and matching pillows!) for less than I would have spent to special order!


And ok, I’m not going to lie, it would have been way less effort to click a button and have a cover magically delivered to me, but I had to do something with my time while I was waiting for my furniture to be delivered. (It took 20 days past the original delivery date to get here (?!) Do not trust Value City Furniture- sure it’s good stuff for cheap, but you might never ever receive it. #SoMuchFrustration.)

Also, next time, I’m going to make sure the fabric I choose has a little bit of stretch to it- it’s a real pain to try and shimmy an unrelenting canvas cover onto an oversized mattress at 10 pm the night before your housewarming party. Just so you know.

In addition to my projects, there have been closets to paint (mine is pink, just for funsies), cabinets to organize and drawers to line. There have been customer service people to fight with, service people to cry to, and automated voice services to curse at (“I’m sorry. I didn’t quite get that. Please repeat your selection.” &#$% you!).

It’s been a long month, but now that my Internet has been reconnected and I have stories to share, I am back!

I hope you’ve all been Chronically Well in the meantime, and I’ll see you again later in the week!  🙂


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