Happy Invisible Illness Awareness Week, Chronic readers!

I know the week is almost over (YAY Friday!) but that doesn’t mean I can’t squeeze in some last minute awareness.

Dysautonomia Awareness has been on point this year. Some highlights include an appearance by a POTSie on the TV show The Doctors and having Niagra Falls lit up in turquoise for Dysautonomia Awareness Month (October, which means right now!) last night from 10 to 10:15 pm. Talk about a great way to get 15 minutes of fame!

If you are a Chronic or have Chronic friends, you have probably seen at some point this week a questionnaire about invisible illness. I filled that out last year, so I won’t repeat it. You can read that post here: https://iamchronicallywell.com/2014/09/10/invisible-illness-awareness-week/

What I really want everyone to be aware of this year is pretty simple: Everyone’s got something.

Human beings are pretty good at poker faces. Sure, there’s a wide variety (I, for one, always loose at poker because excitement is my eyebrows’ favorite emotion), but mostly, we are fairly adept at keeping up appearances. There are really very few visible afflictions.

It’s ironic then that our natural inclination is to judge by appearances, when we know logically that appearances do not give a full or even truthful account.

So do your part- be aware of this disparity.

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Judgment is ugly, and I can tell you, that kind of ugly definitely shows up on your face.

I love that Ellen Degeneres closes her daily talk show now with the simplest of phrases: Be kind to one another. It’s something that every one of us needs to be reminded of.

Yes, the world would be a better place if funding was given to this disease and that disorder and so on. I am first in line when it comes to lobbying for treatments and cures. I do, however, realize that that aspect of awareness is a marathon, built solidly over time.

Kindness is not a marathon. Kindness is instant gratification. Kindness makes a difference right now, today.

Everyone’s got something– physical or mental illness, emotional distress, turmoil in some form. Just because you can’t see it or recognize it does not mean that it’s not there.

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated- or better!

Kindness is free, and it’s the best way to donate. #BeAware



One thought on “#BeAware

  1. abodyofhope says:

    Kindness is free and it’s the best way to donate.<<< I love it! Thank you for not only spreading awareness, but for sharing your growth, recovery and perseverance over the last year. You have been a personal inspiration to me during a tremendous set back this past year. It is awesome to be reminded that people do recover. Keep fighting that gravity and being your uplifting sparkling self 🙂 🙂 🙂

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