Burgers. Fries. Happiness.

Nic Note: If you are a Chronic blogger named Brittany, who happens to be pregnant and has a resultant Ketchup aversion, this warning is for you: THIS POST CONTAINS KETCHUP. Also, Hi. Also, Yay Critter!

I’m in a foodie mood this week, Chronic readers.

I’ve posted before about how when you have POTS, you need to eat a diet high in sodium, and so most cardiologists grit their teeth and tell you to eat everything that they usually tell patients not to eat. It’s a medical necessity that I eat things like potato chips, pretzels, and pretty much any kind of fast/processed food you could think of.

That being said, while eating that way makes me feel like magic for about 15 minutes afterward, it’s not a great long-term diet plan for anyone, high sodium need or not.

I tend to eat incredibly basic (and boring food). It’s actually kind of trendy right now- I “eat clean” and was “paleo” before your Cross-fit friend gave up carbs (though I have yet to give up potatoes, as they are probably the only reason I am alive right now #MajorFoodGroup).

But you know what? Even the most healthy-eating Chronic needs a burger and fries sometimes.

So I made this up.



Nic’s Deconstructed Hamburger Bowl.

Step 1: Brown hamburger meat. Drain any grease (no one needs that).

Step 2: Microwave 2 small red potatoes until fork-tender.

Step 3: Gather favorite hamburger add-ons.

Step 4: Construct the deconstructed. Cut up the potatoes. Pour hamburger meat on top. I like to add cut up pickles (healthy sodium!). Then I pour sugar-free ketchup (Heinz Simply Heinz brand) all over it and eat it with a side salad.

I made it pretty for the picture, but usually it’s an ooey gooey mess of the best tastes of a burger and fries without the greasiness or the heavy I-wish-I-hadn’t feeling. Yay! Plus it’s super quick and doesn’t need a lot of attention, so if you’re feeling brain-foggy or tired, you can still eat well- and that’s something we can all feel happy about. 🙂


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