I have been living under a rock.

This particular rock was the AHDI RHDS exam (translation: Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist examination).

I’ve been working as a medical transcriptionist/healthcare documentation specialist for the past 6 months, and while my job did not require me to take this nationally qualifying test, I felt like it was important for me to do so, if only for the bragging rights and shiny lapel pin (plus you know, earnest stuff, like dedication to streamlined/national standards of workplace excellence).

If one does not pass the RHDS exam, one has to wait 6 months before one can take it again, and I did not want that to be my fate.

So, in true over-achiever fashion, I not only took a study course, but I also developed a study plan of my own. This consisted of me spending every bit of my free time in the last 3 months pouring over textbooks and medical journals, while amassing an incredibly awkward Google search history that included choice phrases like, “Is there a “y” in chlamidia?” Which there is, in case you were wondering. It’s spelled chlamydia.

The wonderful news: I passed! WOOHOO!

The side note: I absolutely over-studied and I am pretty sure that I could take the MCAT right now, plus all the final exams for every year of medical school and be pronounced a doctor tomorrow, although I have no desire to do so (Blood in a book: Um, ew. Blood in real life: OMG AHHH!).

Since there are no superheroes in medical transcribing (unless you count me! #CornyJokeAlert), and I’m pretty sure most of you hear enough about your bodily functions from your own doctor, I didn’t feel like blogging much while I was under said RHDS exam rock. Now that I’ve passed and am free to forget the fact that your humerus is connected to your ulna and radius which are connected to your carpals which are connected to your metacarpals which are connected to your phalanges and all of that together makes you arm, hand and fingers, I have just enough headspace to think my own thoughts again, so here I am!

What have you been up to this springtime, Chronic readers?



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