Icebergs, right ahead!

Let’s think cold thoughts shall we?

If you live anywhere near the East Coast of the US of A, then you know that we are having a heat wave. A tropical heat wave. The temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising…


Sorry. I digress. #IrvingBerlin #TheresNoBusinessLikeShowBusiness #LikeNoBusiness #IKnowww

When you are melting, it can feel like you will never be cool again. You start to forget that just a tender few months ago, you were buried under 4 feet of snow in the Snowpocolypse and were praying for this very moment that we are in right now.


Where can you go? What can you do? The weather people are insisting we all stay inside, huddled around the cool of our air conditioning units. But that gets boring.

Luckily, the National Building Museum in Washington, DC is here to help us out.

Every year, the Building Museum has a big summer exposition. I managed to miss last year’s, an instillation called The Beach, which was essentially just a gigantic ball pit in the main hall, an oversight I may never get over. #BooHoo


This year, the project is called Icebergs! (emphasis theirs!), and it is a pretty nifty display. Plus it happens to be just a little bit chilly in there- more so than 99.9% of the rest of the National Mall et. al. Of course, I had to see it.


The blue bits of netting represent the ocean. Then the ice-looking bits, are well, ice bits. The point is to show that while you can see the tip of an iceberg above the surface, so much more is hanging out down below.

Invisible chronic illness reference, anyone?

From the top view, you can see icey little triangles. Sure, there’s something there, but it all seems well and good.


But go below the surface, and you can see just how deep a problem-ahem, iceberg- runs, and just how much life-ahem, again, excuse me, surface area- said artifice really takes up.

IMG_3473 IMG_3471

Or you know, you can leave the analogies here and just go climb up rickety-sounding/feeling scaffolding (Fear of heights mantra: This is totally safe! It was built by BUILDING MUSEUM people! They know what they’re doing! Repeat as necessary), which is enough to liven up anyone’s Sunday afternoon.

Whatever floats your boat.


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