Too Pretty

Big News from the Victoria Secret Fashion Show-

The Fantasy Bra this year cost a reported $3 million and was approximately 450 carats of diamonds.


Crazy, right?

Oh and P.S. three of the top models walking in the show have confirmed chronic medical conditions.

Which brings us to my least favorite compliment/not-compliment, which has been uttered to many a Chronic lady, in the guise of making her feel better about herself while really just making her want to punch someone in the face:

You’re too pretty to be sick.

Um, well I am sick, so um thanks? I guess? Maybe? What?

Like really. I get that we all have an idea in our heads that Chronic people look like this:


But that’s not really how it goes, and now we have Victoria Secret models who are showing the world that Chronic looks like this too:


Let’s meet these Chronic ladies, shall we?

Bella Hadid

Yes—or should I say Yaaas—girl got to walk past her ex-boyfriend on stage while looking like this:


But, hey, side note, Bella Hadid has Lyme disease. According to an interview she did with US Magazine, her worst symptoms are pain, brain fog, and extreme fatigue. This is a young woman who shows up to work (werk) and gets it done. Then she goes home and sleeps for 14 hours, gets up, takes a nap, gets up again, and then sleeps some more. Sound familiar, Chronic friends? We call that Tuesday here in Chronicville. Maybe with a little less werk, though, and a little more work…

GiGi Hadid

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock (7529865qx) Gigi Hadid on the catwalk Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Runway, Grand Palais, Paris, France - 30 Nov 2016

Bella’s big sis has always been vocal in her support of her sister (and mom and brother) who have Lyme disease, though she herself does not have it. Right after the Victoria Secret Fashion show this year, though, many speculated that the “girl-next-door” model had lost too much weight in preparation, which led Hadid to make public her struggle with Hashimoto’s, a thyroid disease. Hashimoto’s caused her to have a sluggish thyroid (causing headaches, weight gain, and tiredness), and the medication that she was taking to normalize it wasn’t quite right and caused her thyroid function to sway to the other extreme. Her medically-induced fluctuating metabolism was the real cause for her change in appearance. Medication adjustments causing just as many problems as they solve? Stars, they are just like us!

Kendall Jenner


Sleep paralysis is more of a phenomenon than a disease, but it is a condition that is chronic in nature and causes a person to not be able to move or speak while they transition in or out of a sleeping state. As chronicled in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall has had to figure out how to balance her frequent paralysis episodes and mounting anxiety over her condition with her desire to remain a top model. Work/life/Chronic balance got you down? Kendall knows what’s up. And it’s not her…or me (hemiplegic migraines cause temporary paralysis so I GET YOU, GIRL).

Here’s the thing, Chronic friends. The whole world agrees that these ladies are pretty. It is also documented by medical professionals that each one of them has a chronic condition that is seriously impacting her life. Ergo, “You’re too pretty to be sick,” is just about the dumbest sentence ever. Chronic don’t care what your face looks like, honey. But that central nervous/endocrine/neurological system? Damn girl. That’s what Chronic’s lookin’ at and it unfortunately likes what it sees.

Better compliment?

“I’m sorry you have to deal with such crummy Chronic circumstances…

…By the way, you look really pretty today.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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