The Journey of 10,000 Steps

You guys.

I got a FitBit.

I know, I know, as per usual, I am 100 years late to this trend. When I try to tell people how awesome it is to be able to track my steps and my sleep and my food and my heart rate all at the same time, they are like, “Yep, yes, uh-huh, welcome to 2013, you are only 4 years late.”


I am very excited.

First of all, I didn’t have to spend a gagillion dollars on the special EKG heart rate monitor for your iPhone something-or-other that my cardiologist wanted me to get because the FitBit Charge 2 that I have shows you your heart rate stats from throughout the day.



Short digression: Um, wow? Hey peaks and valleys and reasons that everything feels screwy right now! I guess I am naturally pre-dispositioned to be in “fat burn” mode for the majority of my day. I should create an infomercial…No exercise required, all you need is a life-consuming chronic illness and you too can burn fat all day long! Or something…

PS: Super nice that my resting heart rate is 81; sucks I am apparently never resting though. #POTSyLife


Back to the story.

I had no idea how much I don’t move.

Like, ok, I had an idea.

Because you know, my futon couch has a permanent impression of where I park myself every day.

But really.

I had no idea.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago when I was much, much worse (like 2009-ish), I bought a cheap plastic pedometer from Target for $5 and it told me that in the course of my POTSy day, I moved 250 steps. That’s it. I thought it was broken. But really, 250 steps is roughly the equivalent of 2 trips downstairs for food and a half dozen bathroom visits. Which is kind of all I did in 2009.

I figured that by now, in 2017, I am so much better that the 10,000 recommended steps that I, as an American citizen, am strongly urged to get by the Powers That Be and Numerous Celebrity Fitness Trainers, would be No Big Deal.

Um, yes, well, about that.

2015 Me would be all over it. 2015 Me was running all the time and was a mover and a shaker, as the kids say (or did in 1975…).

2017 Me got a bit dejected as my FitBit proudly announced that on an average day without me going out of the way to exercise or move much (so, like every-ish day right now) my grand total of steps was just over 2,000.


Before I had actually used my FitBit to track anything, I had set my goal for steps at 7,500. I figured that was a safe estimate for days when I felt a bit rough and wasn’t up to knocking out those easy 10,000.



Sometimes you just have to laugh at your own very grave miscalculations, you know?

This is my second full week of tracking, and the steps are easier to get because now I am paying So Much Attention to it, which clearly I needed to be doing. I like that my wrist buzzes to remind me to move around if I haven’t made 250 steps in the current hour. Though it does get annoying when it interrupts my daily nap(s), of which I am taking fewer, if only because it is hard to fall asleep when your brain is all, “You could totally be marching in place right now.” I’ve come to find that my brain lights up just as much as my wrist does when I meet my step goal and my FitBit buzzes and throws me a tiny virtual parade, so you know, incentive.

I’ve even made it to 10,000 steps. Twice.

*Hey Chronic Friends, do you know me in real life? Be my FitBit friend! You know, if that’s still a thing…